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Cross border trucking specialists

Our fleet crosses the Canada, USA border day and night to serve your shipping requirements

Forbes-Hewlett specializes in cross-border Truckload service to and from select Northeast, Midwest and Southeast states. Our well-maintained fleet and the skilled, experienced transportation professionals who operate them, deliver your freight across the border without delay. We keep you informed every step of the way. When we take on the responsibility of your Truckload shipments, we ensure delivery promises and appointments are met. As an added value for our customer, we never break up bulk shipments.

Toronto/Chicago is a key traffic lane

We have found Toronto/Chicago to be our highest volume lane of cross-border Truckload traffic. We ship all commodities and as a result of our direct, load and go approach we are trusted with our customers’ high value goods including:

  • Food ingredients and packaging
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Hi-tech commodities
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive OEM and after-market parts

We do more than just Toronto/Chicago. See our service map and key traffic lanes for more details.

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